allocate Profile

The allocate Way – Return on Allocation

allocate is an eminent international consulting company with a strong focus on Top Management Consulting, Executive Search and Human Resources Management. We maximize your “return on allocation” by merging smart strategies with integrated resource allocation. During our consulting projects we build one team with the client in which our senior experts are supported by best-in-class partners.

History & Lines of Business

Founded in 1999 as an Executive Search consultancy allocate has meanwhile developed into an integrated Management Consulting group which combines 3 general lines of activity under one umbrella:

  • Management consulting covering the entire set of strategic and operational topics
  • Executive Search including HR-related consulting topics
  • Facilitation of investments, M&A transactions and industrial project developments
Our Consulting Philosophy

allocate’s synergistic and holistic consulting approach differentiates us from most other consulting firms. Our unique strategy-driven management philosophy encompasses the 4 essential resource allocation and optimization challenges that are the fundamental corporate value levers:

  • Allocation & optimization of Capital Resources and Investments
  • Allocation & optimization of Capacity Resources and Efficiency
  • Allocation & optimization of Human Resources
  • Allocation & optimization of Energy and Material Resources
Specialist Expertise & Differentiation Characteristics

But there are more essential differences: allocate consultants are senior experts with strong managerial background who form project teams primarily with the client’s staff – securing not only cost effectiveness but also guaranteeing skills transfer and “buy in” from the staff in order to make sure that improvements will be effectively implemented and become sustainable.

allocate’s approach also builds on a cutting edge partner network – with regard to speciality competences for specific disciplines and strong positions in international markets. Without neglecting our strong domestic client base of reputable German firms we are, at the same time, probably the most internationally oriented consulting group with German roots – in order to make the “think global – act local” paradigm a reality.

Based on our professional background and long-lasting consulting experience we have an in-depth understanding and insight into four distinct industry sectors where we “feel at home” to create innovative and sustainable results for our clients:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Chemicals & Process Industries
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • IT, Telecommunication & Media
Mission Statement

Making our clients successful and leaders in their businesses with a unique, synchronized allocation and optimization of all key corporate resources, creating measurable and sustainable benefits. Providing highest value for money and ultimate professionalism through our staff with outstanding managerial expertise and our outstanding and powerful international network of exclusive, leading local partners.