Our unique partner network – for ultimate competence in projects

Our business model is dedicated to provide the best possible competences and services in our defined scope of activities. As a consequence we do not simply staff our projects with any unutilized consulting resource with more general expertise but carefully analyze how we get the really best expert for the specific project on board – no matter whether this is a member of our own team of associates or whether the consulting resource is coming from one of our dedicated, well selected partners.

This approach incorporates several benefits for our clients
  • Best possible quality level even beyond the reach of our own organization
  • Ability to staff very large projects which require plenty of experienced consultants
  • Deep understanding of international markets and international delivery capability through our network of leading local partner consultancies
  • Ability to conduct projects with a broad scope beyond our own core competences through complementary partners (e.g. engineering and technology) with whom we form interdisciplinary teams
With this in mind we generally have three categories of partners

Partners which help us leverage our 4 core competences:

  • Allocation & Management of Human Resources: WHU
  • Allocation & Management of Capital Resources: London & Oxford Group
  • Allocation & Management of Capacity Resources: Global active Consultancies
  • Allocation & Management of Energy and Materials Resources: Ecosummit
Partners which cover leading positions in international markets and secure our international reach and delivery capability
Partners which are specialists in fields which are not core competences of allocate but may well be required in interdisciplinary projects