Chemicals & Process Industries

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is currently characterized by big structural changes which have a very different direction depending on the specific region on the globe:

  • In highly developed markets consolidation and reorganization of the industry structure replacing to a large extent vertical integration by extended horizontal integration – forming specialists in specific segments
  • Also in highly developed markets increased focus on innovative solutions through the application of chemicals in order to match expected demand triggered by mega trends (like resource efficiency, nutrition, …) rather than sticking to existing production schemes
  • In regions with favorable raw material access establishment of huge world scale chemical complexes for export with increasing ambition to prolong the carbon value chains from the current petrochemicals and base chemicals focus into more value adding chemical products
  • In fast growing international markets like in Asia establishment of local production sites and close integration with synergistic industrial clusters with other industries like automotive, consumer goods or building and construction materials

Our allocation and optimization approach addresses all relevant top line and bottom line oriented measures in the chemical industry. We support our clients regarding specific challenges like strategic and portfolio-related decision making, investment strategy and international business development, optimization of organizational structures and processes, and qualification of HR and change management. However, even if we work on such specific areas we consider the overall impact on the entire business system ensuring that the parts remain consistent with one another.

However, beyond these specific topics we also support our clients in large transformation programmes – including continuous improvement initiatives, learning organization approaches and operational excellence initiatives. In particular, in this framework our role is much more as a coach rather than just an external advisor – we focus on unlocking the inherent power of the organization and the employees.

Other important Process Industries

Our broad expertise from the process industry sector includes the different metals processing industries like steel manufacturing, aluminium or copper. We optimize the value levers like energy efficiency, optimized production schemes, best practice procurement of raw materials and general headcount productivity. This includes also transformation and diversification programmes as more metal producers seek for value adding or supplementary business activities in areas like technological applications or industrial services.

Most of the mentioned challenges are similar in the paper and wood processing industry. One specific topic is ideally to combine paper or wood processing with benefits from the production of renewable energy from production waste. In light of the cost-driven commodity character of the paper market we also support our clients with regard to product differentiation and innovation in order to establish specialities in high value niches.

Innovation is also the key value driver in the pharmaceutical sector in contrast to the sales and marketing-driven OTC segment and the primarily cost-driven generics segment. Consolidation is also on the agenda of the pharmaceutical sector since the legal framework of the health sector in many countries is creating price and cost pressure, sometimes slashing the margins and forcing structures to be adapted to the new business environment.