Energy & Utilities

Future energy concepts – ready for the big change?

Primary energy companies have been used to handling volatile market conditions for a long time whereas utilities have had a much more stable environment. Big changes are lying ahead now:

The recent global financial crisis has created new challenges and opportunities. While a mood of cautious optimism has emerged nowadays, severe economic uncertainty still remains. Besides, recent catastrophic accidents, like the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan and the Transocean Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico, have stimulated the long-standing discussion on future energy supply and necessary new concepts for future energy generation.

Around the globe, the energy industry is experiencing waves of change brought on by a complex mix of factors: expanded regulations, higher safety standards, national companies expediting “resource nationalism”, intensified competition between fossil resources and green energies, new competitors, volatile commodity prices, and concerns about the security of supply and environmental issues.

allocate professionals have undertaken numerous projects in the energy and utilities sector in the past covering clients from the Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities and Renewable Energy sectors. Our experience extends across the entire value chain and builds on deep insights developed by our international consultants and industry experts through our projects and industry practice. Currently we are mandated by leading energy and utility companies in Germany to support them in the challenging transformation process to become “greener” and more sustainable, while at the same time these companies are seeking for entry opportunities into fast growing international energy and utility markets.

We have extensive experience across the entire industry sector, having acted as independent advisors on strategy and business development challenges, operational excellence and performance improvement programs, process optimization and reorganization projects, transformation and restructuring tasks, technology deployment and systems management, as well as on capability and HR management issues.