IT, Telecommunication & Media

Get ready for an accelerated Internet Economy

The world is different today. Businesses and consumers are always online having embraced the powerful technological innovations made possible by quantum leaps in information technology (IT) and telecommunication. The Internet has revolutionized the way companies do business and the daily life of consumers. Innovation and change are at the top of the corporate agenda.


Social media and ubiquitous digital services bring companies and consumers closer together. Digital communication gets mobile, social and local. IT, telecommunication and media companies that want to survive need to adopt digital strategies that foster value innovation and develop products that can compete with the leaders in the Internet Economy of the 21st century.


The future of the Internet Economy is primarily invented in the USA where the 4 digital juggernauts Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are fighting it out in the war for digital world domination. The digital and physical worlds are all about creating perfect user experiences. Closed ecosystems controlled by one company that integrate hardware, software and services challenge open ecosystems in which a multitude of players connect separate hardware, software and services with the help of open standards and APIs. If you are not strong enough to dominate an ecosystem, it is better to adopt a focused strategy while nourishing the art of partnership management.


In an interconnected economy the speed of change increases, too. Predicting the future and adopting the best digital strategy leading to success is a huge challenge for which competent partners are needed. The allocate way of merging integrated resource allocation with smart strategies can help clients in the IT, telecommunication and media industry to navigate through an uncertain future. allocate’s expertise in finding and developing the right team for managing the challenges of the new Internet Economy is a special asset that we can bring to the table.