Transportation & Infrastructure

Only perfect positioning on the value chain assures value generation

Airlines, shipping companies, railways, port and tourism companies have become the central platform to facilitate world trade by reducing transport and transaction costs dramatically. In turn they benefit the most from megatrends like globalization, individualization, BRIC-growth rates and the mobile IT revolution. Transportation industries grow at 1.5 to 2.5 times the growth rate of the GDP. However, not all players are able to translate growth into an increase in company value. Innovative business systems from new entrants are accompanied by significant productivity improvements and often force incumbent competitors to drastic transformations. Only those transport firms which are able to stop or slow down the passing on of productivity improvements to intermediaries or end customers will survive the consolidation process.


allocate supports you in designing highly competitive business systems and value added services tailored to the new requirements. We develop the respective strategies, organizations and implementation plans with strong impact on P&L and support the transition by Change Management measures and HR services.